North Texas USGBC Posting

We’re thrilled that the house was featured in the July online USGBC magazine.  You can see the article here (under the photo of our house, click on the pdf link to open the article, which begins on page 29).  Also, the house is the featured Homes project here.

Thanks North Texas USGBC for recognizing the house, and our fantastic architect, Kelly Mitchell!

Side Note: North Texas USGBC Chapter

Our house has become the first LEED for Homes project featured on the website of the North Texas USGBC!  Check it out here.  The story’s a nice summary, and the photos look great.  It’s nicely done.

Side Note: Awaiting Certification…still!

Hour GlassI know I can be impatient…but the wait to hear from USGBC regarding our certification application is killing me!  Our final inspection was over five weeks ago, and while I know these things take time, I keep bugging our Home Provider every week.

So, as soon as we know about what Certification level we’ve achieved I’ll post it here, and until then I guess I’ll just stay nervous!

And, by the way, I just checked the USGBC website…it looks like as of 9/23 there are still only two other Platinum homes in Dallas (although one was certified under the less stringent Prelminary LEED for Homes rules).  We still have a chance to be #3 (or #2 if you look at it as I do!).

Side Note: Emerging Green Builders Tour

dsc_00901Today we hosted about 25 folks from the Emerging Green Builders group.  The EGB is an adjunct to the USGBC made up of:

“students and young professionals dedicated to becoming and recruiting the future leaders of the green building movement.”

You can read more about Emerging Green Builders here.

The yard was a little unkempt due to 7 inches of rain in 12 hours just a day and a half ago, but inside was fine.  The hot topic was our bathroom floor tile.  It is fantastic-looking, and people really notice.  But it’s not some exotic tile.  In fact it’s a Dal-Tile product, produced locally.  It’s called Fabrique..everyone loves it!

In the photo, that’s Kelly Mitchell, our architect.  She’s on the right, explaining our house’s green features to a couple of the folks on tour.

USGBC Tour Follow Up

dsc_0114We hosted the North Texas Chapter of the USGBC this morning in spite of what turned into an all-day rain storm.  About 60 folks showed up to hear a short talk from our architect, Kelly Mitchell, and our Landscape Designer, Jim Martinez.  I added a few words of my own.

There were lots and lots of questions ranging from how often we should seal our ipe wood deck to how much more did building a LEED home cost us.  I didn’t now the answer to the first question, but am all too keenly aware of the second.  Fortunately the guy we bought our ipe from was there and he told me that we should clean and re-seal the ipe every two years….good to know.

Robert will be posting photos from the event to the website gallery soon (I hope).

Tour de LEED: Homes

leedlogo2This coming Saturday ours is one of three homes being toured by the North Texas Chapter of the US Green Building Council.  We moved in 3 weeks ago and are hustling fast and furious to get the house presentable.  We’ve given our builder this Thursday as their deadline to be done and out (we’ll finish anything remaining undone after that).

The tour is featuring one LEED for Home certified Platinum house, and 2 LEED for Homes registered Platinum house.    Sign up quickly!  They’re limiting the tour to 60 participants!

Side Note: David Rodriguez, Local USGBC Board Chair

davidrodriguezphoto01252009Yesterday we were lucky enough to meet David Rodriguez when he showed up at the house with architect Kelly Mitchell and our Green Consultant, Sean Garman (who also happens to be Kelly’s husband).  These three know each other through their association with the North Texas Chapter of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).   David is our local USGBC Board Chair, and he also writes a column for the Builder Insider periodical (their future website is here), focusing on green building practices.  David was viewing the project and interviewing Kelly and Sean for an upcoming article….and I was pulled into the interview.  Fortunately it will be a print article because it was Sunday and I was dressed for rummaging around a house under construction not for an on-camera interview.

In the photo left to right is me, David Rodriguez, our architect Kelly Mitchell and our Green Consultant (and LEED – AP) Sean Garman.  Robert took the photo.