Side Note: Meditation Room

meditationroomWhile this post has little to do with Green Building, I wanted to point out a few features of the house to show that you can still have some amazing spaces and features while building Green.

We wanted a Meditation Room designed into our space and Architect Kelly Mitchell gave us exactly what we wanted.  The room is about 11′ X 13′, with a small closet.  The room was built with a feng shui sense, so the interior door to the hall has a glass panel, and the door to the upstairs balcony is basically a wall-sized slider.  The room will have a wall-mounted TV (energy star rated!) and the sound system will share a channel with the studio.  And before you say, “TV in the meditation room?” keep in mind that the Meditation Room will also be used for yoga and tai chi so the TV will be used to watch and follow instructional videos!

The room is a very basic open space (see the photo above), but we added insulation on the wall it shares with the living room to cut down on noise.  We also had to design and have constructed a special jump duct vent to help reduce HVAC noise and to allow us to place the HVAC return in the ceiling.

The Meditation Room gets little-to-no direct sunlight in the summer and just a bit in the winter.  It also shares the upstairs balcony with the living room….it will be a great get-away!