Side Note: Planet Reuse

oak_hardwoods_stackHere’s a great website that was forwarded to me by my architect.  She knows that we are trying to find a good home for our 50+ year old hardwood floors that we removed from the original house (pictured above how the exist now in our rental garage).  We used roughly 700 sq ft of them in the studio (and they look fantastic), but we have about 300 sq ft remaining to dispose of.  I posted them on  I’ll let you know if they are picked up!

Sidenotes: Studio Space

004_022Robert is an artist working mostly with oils and acrylics, but venturing out into other media as well.  The 700 square foot studio pictured here was a necessity for the new house to avoid Robert having to rent a studio space across town (which he’s done for the last 6 years).   There are a couple of innovative features to the studio, but our favorite is the moveable wall.  In the photo you can see a track hanging from the ceiling that holds a 8’X8′ “pocket wall”.  Think of a pocket door, but really big.  It allows Robert to expand his verticle work surface when needed, add extra gallery wall space when needed, or close off this office area when needed.  The mechanism and design are simple, but the functional benefits are huge!

The pocket wall has no specific green feature – other than maybe to allow in more natural light when the wall is not needed and put into it’s wall pocket.  However, the studio does have many of the same Green features the house does:

  • Triple paned glass windows on the west-facing wall
  • Exhaust fan to ensure indoor air quality
  • Dual flush toilet
  • Floors are the recycled oak floors from the house we deconstructed
  • Daikin HVAC system

Robert’s website is here, but is awaiting some updates that should happen soon.