Use Less Plastic (is that direct enough?)

Came across this article on that linked me to the Mother Nature Network.  The article gives you helpful tips on how to reduce our plastic usage.  According to the article, only 7% of plastic makes it to the recycling bin, and even that plastic can only be down-cycled, not up-cycled or even even-cycled.  I didn’t realize that!

I think all of the suggestions are doable for me except that I don’t like powered laundry detergent…I wonder if there’s a non-plastic and non-powder alternative I could try!  How about reading the list and trying to adopt two new practices…how about it?


Maybe I’ll move to Italy!

Italy has made a move to ban plastic bags, read about it here.  That’s a great step forward, but we can each individually stop using plastic bags ourselves without the government banning them.

Make a New Years resolution to stop using plastic bags!

Paper or Plastic? No thanks, I brought my own!

That could be the newest common phrase in large parts of LA County after the biggest ban on plastic bags was passed this week (read about it here).  Also, the use of paper bags now requires a charge of 10 cents per bag.

How to say it one more time?  Bring your own reusable bags!

Oh, and sorry for the rude image, but I thought it was funny.