Side Note: Candles

jimmyecopic1My good friend, Jimmy Belasco, has just introduced an eco-friendly candle line that was a Finalist in the NYIGF (New York International Gift Fair) Best New Product category.  While his main line of candles is hardly eco-unfriendly, he has really raised the bar when it comes to ingredients and packaging.

The new candles are 100% natural oils and soy wax, containing zero chemical fragrances.  They are poured into recycleable glass.  The lid is recycleable plastic (number 5, Polypropylene).  They are minimally packaged in recycleable cardboard.

I questioned Jimmy about the lid because the traditional lid he used was a metal composite material of questionable recycleability.  This plastic lid is the same type of plastic that is used in yogurt cups and can be recycled into things like automobile battery cases, signal lights, battery cables, brooms, brushes, and ice scrapers according to IDES.

The empty 6 oz. jars can be recycled in the home into a variety of uses from storage jars to piggy banks!

Also, recently Jimmy went through an environmentally friendly revamp of this distribution network.  He moved distribution to the same facility that pours the candles (previously he had the candles shipped many hundreds of miles to then be further shipped to retail stores).

By the way, the candles  have such a pure and high-quality fragrance that they can freshen a room without being burned – just remove the lid and enjoy!