Gas Bill – Tankless Hot Water

It’s the middle of summer so we don’t use much gas anyway, but I thought I’d give you an indication of how efficient our tankless hot water heaters are.  Our gas bill for the billing month that straddles July & August was $20.60.  We did/do a few things that help with the efficiency:

  • Wash clothes mostly in cold water
  • Have three tankless hot water heaters (one for each side of the house, and a small, on-demand one for the studio)
  • Have very short runs between heater and faucet
  • Bar with no hot water, only cold

In looking back at the rental house with a conventional hot water heater, our gas bill for last July/August was almost $30.00.   While that’s not a huge savings on gas in the middle of summer, it gives you an indication of how much you’re saving based totally on hot water usage….about 1/3 of your bill if you still have a tank heater.  And by the way, we rarely cooked at the rental house beyond a regular pot of oatmeal on Sunday mornings.  We’ve cooked more in the new house than we’ve cooked in our prior 6 years together.