Website Updated – finally!

Hey folks, we finally updated the Gallery on our website to include the professional photographs of the house taken by famed Dallas architectural photographer, Charles Smith.  His work is fantastic!  We’ve used his images of the house in multiple publications, so these may not be new to you.  But with these new photos added (thanks, Budi!) we feel like the website if finally done, done, done (as I’m fond of saying).  We even added the USGBC LEED for Homes Platinum Certification logo on the landing page!  Check it out here.

North Texas USGBC Posting

We’re thrilled that the house was featured in the July online USGBC magazine.  You can see the article here (under the photo of our house, click on the pdf link to open the article, which begins on page 29).  Also, the house is the featured Homes project here.

Thanks North Texas USGBC for recognizing the house, and our fantastic architect, Kelly Mitchell!

New Pictures on Website

We’ve posted many new photos of our house on our website.  Go here and click on the Gallery link.

LEED Categories

I’m going to start giving some insight to the LEED for Homes point categories.  Some of it may be dry, but it’s the type of information that I would have wanted to read when I was first starting to learn this stuff.  I’ll explain the category, talk about how we reacted to it, and tell you what points we expect to get in that category.  I’ll probably intersperse the category discussions with other posts, but I intend to get through all the categories….

Is this going to be helpful to you?

Getting Started

Welcome to our Green Labron blog.  Our intent with this blog is to track the design, construction, decision-making process of our home on Labron Avenue in Dallas, Texas.  We intend to build Green – meaning we’re targeting a Platinum LEED for Homes Certification from the US Green Building Council.  We’ll explain what that all means in future posts, but for now….Welcome and check out our links to learn more about USGBC and LEED.