Take It Back – Make It Green

Haven’t posted in a while, but this website caught my eye.  It’s a report card on electronics companies who do or do not do recycling of eWaste well. 

I’m happy to report that Dell (a proud Texas company) leads the pack (albeit with a B rating).  Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies way, way behind Dell.

Note the section at top called “Get Involved” and one at the bottom called “What You Can Do”!

Side Note: Computer Recycling

Just heard from Texas Campaign for the Environment:  a new law (Texas House Bill 2714) went into effect in Texas on 9/1 which states that “all companies selling computers must offer free and convenient recycling of their old computer equipment.”  TEC is on the forefront of environmental activism in Texas.  They do great work and are worthy of your support!

Visit the Texas Campaign for the Environment’s website to learn more about this particular law and the other great work that TEC is involved in.