Eco-Roofs: Cool Roofs

I’ve been wondering about my roof.  It’s a dark bronze metal roof.  And while there are a lot of eco-friendly benefits of having a metal roof, I’m not so sure about the dark color in Texas.  I’ve been wondering if I paint the top of my roof white while leaving the sides bronze (for the aesthetics) would I save some energy in the summer?

Apparently I would!  I’ve been reading a lot lately how a white roof can lower the surface temperature of my roof up to 80 degrees.  Here is an example of a product developed to cool roofs that includes small glass spheres – they provide insulation and reflective properties to the paint.

Unfortunately, I can’t apply it this year due to the surface temperature of the roof, I’ll be doing this in January or February to be ready for next summer.  I’ll have two years’ worth of summers to compare my 2011 electric use to!