e1logoI’m not going to list every piece of furniture that we’ve chosen for the house, but I wanted to quickly highlight our master bedroom furniture.

We’ve chosen a bedroom set (seen here) that is very environmentally friendly.  It is made of FSC wood and has received the European E1 rating.  This rating is “a European Union certification system that states that the materials used in the construction of the furniture do not off gas formaldehyde or other dangerous fumes.”  Think of it as the furniture equivalent of low- or no-VOC paints. 

Also, the mattress we’re using is an all natural latex mattress.  According to the website, “Latex does not off-gas toxic petrochemicals as does memory foams or synthetic chemical mattresses. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic. Bacteria and dust mites cannot reside in natural rubber.”  So again, no off-gases, no petrochemicals.  The mattress cover is unbleached cotton.

The furniture is shipped from Colorado, so that is a little troublesome, but given the other benefits and the fact that it is exactly the look that we wanted, we decided to buy it.