Side Note: David Rodriguez, Local USGBC Board Chair

davidrodriguezphoto01252009Yesterday we were lucky enough to meet David Rodriguez when he showed up at the house with architect Kelly Mitchell and our Green Consultant, Sean Garman (who also happens to be Kelly’s husband).  These three know each other through their association with the North Texas Chapter of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).   David is our local USGBC Board Chair, and he also writes a column for the Builder Insider periodical (their future website is here), focusing on green building practices.  David was viewing the project and interviewing Kelly and Sean for an upcoming article….and I was pulled into the interview.  Fortunately it will be a print article because it was Sunday and I was dressed for rummaging around a house under construction not for an on-camera interview.

In the photo left to right is me, David Rodriguez, our architect Kelly Mitchell and our Green Consultant (and LEED – AP) Sean Garman.  Robert took the photo.