Side Note: Emerging Green Builders Tour

dsc_00901Today we hosted about 25 folks from the Emerging Green Builders group.  The EGB is an adjunct to the USGBC made up of:

“students and young professionals dedicated to becoming and recruiting the future leaders of the green building movement.”

You can read more about Emerging Green Builders here.

The yard was a little unkempt due to 7 inches of rain in 12 hours just a day and a half ago, but inside was fine.  The hot topic was our bathroom floor tile.  It is fantastic-looking, and people really notice.  But it’s not some exotic tile.  In fact it’s a Dal-Tile product, produced locally.  It’s called Fabrique..everyone loves it!

In the photo, that’s Kelly Mitchell, our architect.  She’s on the right, explaining our house’s green features to a couple of the folks on tour.

Side Note: Recycle Revolution

I attended the Dallas AIDS Arms LifeWalk last week.  One of the booths there was occupied by Recycle Revolution – a new company dedicated to helping out businesses (including apartment complexes) recycle.  Their handouts are informative and specific about what they can and cannot do (the website includes the same information).  I couldn’t find any information on pricing, but I’m sure they’d be more than willing to talk to you.  I’ve heard from several apartment dwelling friends who found it frustrating that they were left out of the recycling movement unless they were willing to haul their stuff to a city recycling site…which is totally inconvenient!

Let me know of other companies who provide this service.  And if you have first-hand knowledge, let me know how it’s worked out for you.

By the way, the logo attached to this post is the property of Recycle Revolution.

Side Note: Green Cities Ranking

Visit this site:

It’s a ranking of cities based on their performance in 16 areas of sustainability.  Dallas is listed as #24.  Austin is #13.

LEED Categories

I’m going to start giving some insight to the LEED for Homes point categories.  Some of it may be dry, but it’s the type of information that I would have wanted to read when I was first starting to learn this stuff.  I’ll explain the category, talk about how we reacted to it, and tell you what points we expect to get in that category.  I’ll probably intersperse the category discussions with other posts, but I intend to get through all the categories….

Is this going to be helpful to you?

Getting Started

Welcome to our Green Labron blog.  Our intent with this blog is to track the design, construction, decision-making process of our home on Labron Avenue in Dallas, Texas.  We intend to build Green – meaning we’re targeting a Platinum LEED for Homes Certification from the US Green Building Council.  We’ll explain what that all means in future posts, but for now….Welcome and check out our links to learn more about USGBC and LEED.