Side Note: House Tour – University of Texas at Arlington

In an earlier post I mentioned that we were going to have a tour by a group of students from the University of Texas School of Architecture.  This morning UTA Assistant Professor and Green Building Maven, Jane Ahrens, brought by 40 students who are attending her Architecture and the Environment class (the timing was pretty good – we had just finished putting up drywall yesterday and were preparing to start the tape/bedding process today).  There were good questions and many enthusiastic students.  The first photo is the intro to the house out front.  The second is a Q&A session that was had at the end of the tour in the upstairs living area. 

As you’ll recall, this tour helps us with our point in the Awareness & Education LEED category (AE1.3a).  We hope to have another one of her classes back when the house is completed in a couple months.