Take It Back – Make It Green

Haven’t posted in a while, but this website caught my eye.  It’s a report card on electronics companies who do or do not do recycling of eWaste well. 

I’m happy to report that Dell (a proud Texas company) leads the pack (albeit with a B rating).  Unfortunately, there are a lot of companies way, way behind Dell.

Note the section at top called “Get Involved” and one at the bottom called “What You Can Do”!

What’s a Green Mortgage?

I received this information from a reader and thought I’d post it.  Interesting information – has anyone had any experience with it?

Environmental Waste In My Mailbox

While I’m sure the folks at Red Plum are nice people, I don’t look at their stuff.  But I still receive that weekly (or more often?) set of loose newsprint advertisements and coupons.  I found the website to request to be removed from the mailing list (and it comes with the requisite, “wait 6-8 weeks for you to be removed” disclaimer).  If you want to be removed from the Red Plum advertisements, click here and follow the instructions.

Beautiful Recycling

I wonder if we made the recycle bins or their storage area as beautiful as this one – would more people recycle?

Life Cycle of a Mobile Phone

Just a short, cute video about a cell phone’s lifecycle.  Check it out here.

North Texas USGBC Posting

We’re thrilled that the house was featured in the July online USGBC magazine.  You can see the article here (under the photo of our house, click on the pdf link to open the article, which begins on page 29).  Also, the house is the featured Homes project here.

Thanks North Texas USGBC for recognizing the house, and our fantastic architect, Kelly Mitchell!

The New Plastic – ingeo ™

While visiting Cape Cod this summer, I came across a new plastic made from plants.  I used it in the form of a water bottle from Green Planet Beverages.  The material is called (and trademarked as) ingeo.  It’s a biopolymer that can basically take the place of polystyrene and even glass.  AND it’s 100% petroleum free…which probably sounds pretty good to several pelicans in the Gulf right now. 

Might want to ask your local grocery to stock this water for those times your reuseable water bottle won’t work.

Eco-Roofs: Cool Roofs

I’ve been wondering about my roof.  It’s a dark bronze metal roof.  And while there are a lot of eco-friendly benefits of having a metal roof, I’m not so sure about the dark color in Texas.  I’ve been wondering if I paint the top of my roof white while leaving the sides bronze (for the aesthetics) would I save some energy in the summer?

Apparently I would!  I’ve been reading a lot lately how a white roof can lower the surface temperature of my roof up to 80 degrees.  Here is an example of a product developed to cool roofs that includes small glass spheres – they provide insulation and reflective properties to the paint.

Unfortunately, I can’t apply it this year due to the surface temperature of the roof, I’ll be doing this in January or February to be ready for next summer.  I’ll have two years’ worth of summers to compare my 2011 electric use to!

Eco-Roofs: Green Roofs

Copenhagen just passed a city ordinance that requires all new buildings to have green roofs…green as in vegatation!  Read about it here.  We’re toying with this idea on our studio roof – but retrofitting irrigation and an access point is a bit troublesome.  Ideas?

Town Bans Bottled Water – I love it!

Check out this story about a town that has banned bottled water!  And, of course, the bottled water industry is suing to make the town sell bottled water.  But if they put it on the shelves and no one buys it…is the town selling it?