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Side Note – The Fun Theory

Trash PhotoOK, so I’ve never linked to You Tube, but this one is really great.  The Fun Theory = if we made environmental ‘stuff’ fun, more people would join in.  Enjoy the video here.  There’s also one about trying to influence people to take stairs versus an escalator.  It’s a Volkswagen initiative!

Side Note: Awaiting Certification…still!

Hour GlassI know I can be impatient…but the wait to hear from USGBC regarding our certification application is killing me!  Our final inspection was over five weeks ago, and while I know these things take time, I keep bugging our Home Provider every week.

So, as soon as we know about what Certification level we’ve achieved I’ll post it here, and until then I guess I’ll just stay nervous!

And, by the way, I just checked the USGBC website…it looks like as of 9/23 there are still only two other Platinum homes in Dallas (although one was certified under the less stringent Prelminary LEED for Homes rules).  We still have a chance to be #3 (or #2 if you look at it as I do!).

Dallas AIA 2009 Tour of Homes

AIA-Dallas-Logo-WEBOur home has been selected by the Dallas Chapter of the American Institute of Architecture to be one of eight homes on the 2009 Dallas Tour of Homes.  The event is a great way to see some of Dallas’ newest and most amazing architecture.  We’re in great company – check out all of the homes that are on the Tour here (click on “Homes” at the top of the page). 

Accolades go to our architect/design team of Kelly Mitchell and Garry Walling.  This is Kelly’s second home on the Tour (she also contributed to a third home that was on the tour a couple of years ago).  Check out Kelly’s first one here.

If you take part in the Tour, you can actually see our house first-hand!  Buy a ticket!

PS:  I never mentioned that the tour is November 7th and 8th!

New Mention!

Not sure how I missed this, but here’s a great summary of our project (and the website and this blog).  Thanks to the folks at The Surface Blog!

Side Note: Emerging Green Builders Tour

dsc_00901Today we hosted about 25 folks from the Emerging Green Builders group.  The EGB is an adjunct to the USGBC made up of:

“students and young professionals dedicated to becoming and recruiting the future leaders of the green building movement.”

You can read more about Emerging Green Builders here.

The yard was a little unkempt due to 7 inches of rain in 12 hours just a day and a half ago, but inside was fine.  The hot topic was our bathroom floor tile.  It is fantastic-looking, and people really notice.  But it’s not some exotic tile.  In fact it’s a Dal-Tile product, produced locally.  It’s called Fabrique..everyone loves it!

In the photo, that’s Kelly Mitchell, our architect.  She’s on the right, explaining our house’s green features to a couple of the folks on tour.

New Pictures on Website

We’ve posted many new photos of our house on our website.  Go here and click on the Gallery link.

Side Note: Living In The Zone

dwellzone      We often have folks assuming that for them to become more Green, they need to make huge changes or build a whole house like we did to positively impact the Environment.  This link from Dwell suggests changes in your living space zone-by-zone that can be impactful to the Environment.  Take a few minutes to look through it and implement a change or two!

PS:  the tone of the article is very funny…it’s enjoyable to read through!  Two thumbs up!

Side Note: Planet Reuse

oak_hardwoods_stackHere’s a great website that was forwarded to me by my architect.  She knows that we are trying to find a good home for our 50+ year old hardwood floors that we removed from the original house (pictured above how the exist now in our rental garage).  We used roughly 700 sq ft of them in the studio (and they look fantastic), but we have about 300 sq ft remaining to dispose of.  I posted them on  I’ll let you know if they are picked up!

What can I do?




 A lot of articles tell you to change yourlight bulbs, to start recycling, and to avoid littering.  However this post by Leslie Berliant on correlates individual action to specific data on what is polluting and depleting our planet.  Look through the list of actions and consider doing (or not doing) them.

It’s not that hard to make small changes…and it’s very satisfying to make big ones!

Sidenote: Plugs, Plugs Everywhere!

dsc_0006This is a post about a simple and small green feature of the house, but I believe it’s an important one.  I hear a lot these days about how plugged in items like cell phones drain electricity even when they’re fully charged.  Even having the cord and transformer plugged in drains electricity.   Link here.

We specifically designed a shelf in the master bedroom that has multiple switched electrical outlets.  This allows us the convenience of having a place to go for all of our small electrial ‘stuff’ and not having to plug and unplug, or even to search for the chargers.  The items this “charging center” will accommodate are:

  • iPhones
  • home cordless phones
  • iPods
  • razors
  • toothbrushes
  • Blackberries
  • other necessities yet to be created by Apple