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Life Cycle of a Mobile Phone

Just a short, cute video about a cell phone’s lifecycle.  Check it out here.

North Texas USGBC Posting

We’re thrilled that the house was featured in the July online USGBC magazine.  You can see the article here (under the photo of our house, click on the pdf link to open the article, which begins on page 29).  Also, the house is the featured Homes project here.

Thanks North Texas USGBC for recognizing the house, and our fantastic architect, Kelly Mitchell!

The New Plastic – ingeo ™

While visiting Cape Cod this summer, I came across a new plastic made from plants.  I used it in the form of a water bottle from Green Planet Beverages.  The material is called (and trademarked as) ingeo.  It’s a biopolymer that can basically take the place of polystyrene and even glass.  AND it’s 100% petroleum free…which probably sounds pretty good to several pelicans in the Gulf right now. 

Might want to ask your local grocery to stock this water for those times your reuseable water bottle won’t work.

Luxe Magazine – Dallas

We are featured in the newest edition of Luxe interiors + design magazine (Dallas/Fort Worth edition)!  The article highlights the home’s design as well as its Green features!  We’re on page 168 through 177.

Check us out!

Take Back The Tap!

This is a funny and informative video.  Dump those plastic bottles and start using reusable bottles for your tap water!

Side Note: The Dining Room Table

LivingRoomTables(This is for you, Stephanie!)

We got many compliments on our dining table, and I couldn’t remember the artisan’s name at the time.  So here you go:  Cameron Van Dyke.  His work is absolutely amazing, and chances are we’ll collect more of his work soon.  Also, the coffee table (with all the holes in it) is also his work…the table is called “Fizz“.

Gas Bill – Tankless Hot Water

It’s the middle of summer so we don’t use much gas anyway, but I thought I’d give you an indication of how efficient our tankless hot water heaters are.  Our gas bill for the billing month that straddles July & August was $20.60.  We did/do a few things that help with the efficiency:

  • Wash clothes mostly in cold water
  • Have three tankless hot water heaters (one for each side of the house, and a small, on-demand one for the studio)
  • Have very short runs between heater and faucet
  • Bar with no hot water, only cold

In looking back at the rental house with a conventional hot water heater, our gas bill for last July/August was almost $30.00.   While that’s not a huge savings on gas in the middle of summer, it gives you an indication of how much you’re saving based totally on hot water usage….about 1/3 of your bill if you still have a tank heater.  And by the way, we rarely cooked at the rental house beyond a regular pot of oatmeal on Sunday mornings.  We’ve cooked more in the new house than we’ve cooked in our prior 6 years together.