LEED for Homes Documentation

Aerator Photo 08062009In a prior post I mentioned that our Home Provider (GWS) informed us that we have completed all of our documentation for the LEED certification process.  I thought I’d share a few tactics that we used to document our compliance where we were required to do so.  It might have been easier to compile this stuff as we went along had we understood the depth of information that was required.  Generally, our Home Provider accepted the following:

  • Invoices/Purchase orders that clearly outlined the fact being proven (FSC Certification, specific framing orders, etc).
  • Website links (that show local production, special certifications, etc).
  • Google Maps (that prove distance to Open Spaces and Public Transportation).
  • Spec Sheets (to prove characteristics of appliances, toilets, hot water heaters, HVAC systems, faucets).
  • Photos (to prove specific installation facts – and also used to provide that we used 1.5 gpm flow rate aerators!).
  • Statements from suppliers (we used this for our framing orders, local production, and FSC certification of framing lumber).

Generally, assume that you’re going to have to file proof of every point that you’re trying to get.  A helpful hint is that you should take a lot of photos of the house during each phase of construction.  Not only will it be helpful later when you’re trying to figure out exactly where that stud was placed, it will be helpful if you’re asked a question that you can’t remember the answer to because the walls have been closed up for 6 months!

Anyone have other helpful documentation hints?

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