Side Note: Your Water Footprint

I’m providing you a link to a story on today about your ‘water footprint’.  While we’ve all likely heard of measuring our carbon footprint, we probably haven’t given much thought to our water footprint. 

Here’s the story on

October 7th, 2008 1:24 pm

Interesting article, too bad there isn’t more being said about the worlds lack of water resources. In the u.s. we take fresh water for granted, but fresh water is scarce for many places and is a source of contention. I recently saw an interesting piece on TV about how Las Vegas has had to change how they approach their water resources. Same thing on the Texas-Mexico border, Mexico takes…and pollutes even more than we do on the US side. The thing about the Mexicans is that they are not following an agreement with the US, but who knows what the whole story is? Ever since I was a geography major and taking a water resource mgmt course (in the 80’s:) I have been concerned with water use, maybe that was the beginning of my “green” conciousness. thank you for the article.

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