Just a short post here:  the original timeline given to us was 7-9 months from first hammer-swing to move-in.  If we calculate all of the issues we’ve had (and if we trust the current projected move-in date) the actual timeline from move-out to move-in date is just over 12 months.  However, to be clear, the delay doesn’t seem to have been caused by anything Green we’re doing – with the exception of having to wait 2 days for the delivery of some apparently very popular low VOC sealant used in the framing.

We had delays with bank appraisals, with city inspectors (yes, that retaining wall can be there….what?  you can’t put a retaining wall there!), and with rain.

Once we got past the foundation work, we’ve been mostly golden.  Right now we’re in the middle of framing, and because this house is engineered to the high heavens, it seems to have taken a day or two longer – especially getting the very large trusses on top of the second floor.

Has anyone had any delays or extended timelines caused directly by the Green aspects of their construction?

guess who
August 20th, 2008 10:34 am

did i see the word “golden”???? ~~~memories~~~~

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