Innovation & Design Process (LEED ID Category)

This LEED category addresses the planning and design of the home.  You must do a preliminary rating – which we did along with an extended Design Charrette (basically a long discussion about the home’s design, features and limitations) with our Home Provider.  We had done a great deal of studying the LEED Rating System, so our initial meetings were pretty easy.  We have a Project Team (which I call our Green Team) consisting of:

  • Our Architect – Kelly Mitchell of Mitchell | Garman Design Collaborative
  • Our Builder – Artex Development (GC is Ross Boorhem)
  • Our Landscape Architect – Jim Martinez
  • A Green Consultant – LEED-Accredited Professional Sean Garman
  • The Owners – Us

We have yet to complete our Durability Planning & Management documentation (that’s scheduled for August), but we’re on track to get it done.  We also need to get a third party to do a durability management verification (for 3 points) – and our Home Provider will perform that function.

A point we’re not going to get is the “Building Orientation for Solar Design” point.  A home must be oriented to take advantage of the sun for solar panels and/or solar hot water heating.  Because we’re using the existing foundation of our house, we’re limited as to the orientation of the house.  Our house faces almost due Northeast….which is out of whack with what is required by LEED.  There are ways to make solar energy work, but our house direction is not optimal.

The Innovation portion of this category will be addressed in another post.  We have a couple of innovative ideas that we’ll be attempting to get “extra credit” for under this category.

Expected Innovation & Design Process points:  8 out of a possible 11.

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