Intro to the house and us

We bought this 1955 “small ranch” 1,450 square foot house in the Shorecrest neighborhood of Dallas in early 2004 for $315,000 knowing that we’d do a fairly significant remodel someday.  We put about $60,000 into it to make it liveable and to avoid most of the good-natured ribbing of our friends.  Today the house would probably sell for about $400-450,000.  We have almost half an acre…which is what really lead us to buy this property.

The remodel first looked like it was going to be a simple master suite addition and a studio for Robert (he’s an artist).  But upon further discussion with our architect and builder we decided that tearing the old house down actually made more fiscal sense, and could be done in an environmentally friendly way.

Environmental issues have always been important to Robert and me (Greg).  We recycle, limit our dry cleaning, use an organic lawn service, use natural cleaning supplies, buy local and organic produce when we can, and we use as much recycled paper and other consumables as possible.  We also subscribe to the all-wind plan from Green Mountain Energy.

Building Green was a natural progression for us.  And, probably like many of you, we didn’t know where to start and had little guidance along the way.  That’s what this blog is supposed to help with.  We’ll be publishing a posting at least weekly through the duration of this project that touches on our Green decision-making process, the LEED for Homes program, and ultimately the cost of making our home Green.  So come back, respond to the posts, and enjoy.

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